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abstract painting

HASSEL SMITH (1915 – 2007)
Untitled, 1961

abstract painting

ERNEST BRIGGS (1923-1984)
Untitled, 1955


abstract painting

WALTER KUHLMAN (1918-2009)
No. 17, 1957-1958


abstract painting

JOHN SACCARO (1913-1981)
Camoufleur Gatein, 1961


Abstract Expressionism Women

LILLY FENICHEL (1927-2016)
Circus, 1951


painting of a man

Seated Man with Pink Face, 1958


Joan Brown Bay Area Figurative Women Artists

JOAN BROWN (1938-1990)
Zoo, 1957


Abstract Expressionist Women Artists

NANCY GENN (b.1929)
Fire and Water, c.1964


Hassel Smith Abstract Expressionism

HASSEL SMITH (1915-2007)
Dakota, 1961


Paul Wonner artist Bay Area Figurative

PAUL WONNER (1920-2008)
Two Figures in a Landscape, 1958


Bay Area Figurative artist Nathan Oliveira

Untitled (Standing Figure), 1991


Paul Burlin Abstract Expressionism Artist

PAUL BURLIN (1886-1969)
Untitled, 1960


Abstract painting by Frank Lobdell from Shannon Collier Gwin

FRANK LOBDELL (1921-2013)
Untitled, c.1948