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(SOLD) RUTH WALL (American, b. 1917) “San Francisco Series”, 36″ x 31″, c. 1950, Oil on canvas (More)

Ruth Wall

Ruth Wall, an abstract expressionist painter and lithographer, was born in Wyoming in 1917. After moving to a homestead on an Indian reservation in Utah, Ruth quickly completed school by 16 and left home for California to start her university studies. After working with the Women’s Air Force, Wall enrolled at the California School of Fine Arts where she studied painting. She studied with other prominent Bay Area abstract expressionists such as David Park, Elmer Bischoff, and Hassel Smith until her graduation in 1952. She continued her painting career until her passing in Paris, France.

Selected Exhibitions

1951 California School of Fine Arts
1952 Academie Frochot
1952 Chico State College
1953 Musee des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris
1954 Salon des Realities Nouvelles, Paris
1954 Artists Cooperative
1955 Gallery 6
1956 East and West Gallery
1956 L’Envol Gallery
1958 Green Gallery
1961 Wildwood Gallery
1967 Terra Linda Art Festival
1967 Art Exchange Gallery

Selected Collections

The San Jose Museum
The Crocker Museum of Sacramento