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GEORGE ABEND  (American, 1922-1976) “Untitled”, 1953, oil on canvas, 66” x 44”.  More

GEORGE ABEND (American, 1922-1976), 1948, oil on canvas, 39” x 17.5” More

George Abend

Born in New York city in 1922. Abend served in the United States Army from (1942-1946). He studied at the University of California Berkeley from (1946-1947). He later went on to study at the California School of Fine Arts from (1948-1950); Acadèmie de la Grande Chaumière, Paris (1951-52) and University of Guadalajara, Mexico (1953-54). Abend was the founding member of VORTEX audiovisual happenings group sponsored by California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco (1957-59). George Abend taught at Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Cedar Educational Center in Pittsburgh, Pa (1962-1966). He later spent his time as a visiting artist at the California State College, Los Angeles, and the graphic film consultant at University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1966-1969). Abend worked and exhibited in Big Sur, California from (1969-1971) and Bonny Doon, near Santa Cruz, California (1971-1976) Abend later passed away in San Francisco in 1976.

Selected Exhibitions
1949  Howards Gallery, San Francisco
1949,50,60, 61 San Francisco Museum of Art
1949 & 1960 Palace of Legion of Honor
1950  Metart Gallery, San Francisco
1950,1952  Lucien Labaudt Gallery, San Francisco
1951 Galerie De France, Paris
1954 Olivetti Art Gallery, Guadalajara
1961 Batman Gallery, San Francisco
1963 Carnegie Institue of Technology, Penn
1963-66 Howard Wise Gallery, NY
1964 Six Gallery, San Francisco
1965 Hewlett Gallery, Pittsburgh
1970 Coast Gallery, Big Sur, California
1973 Fulton Gallery, New York

Selected Collections
Oakland Museum Of Art
Monteray Museum of Art