Artist’s Note:

“I remember painting the group of works of which it (Silver Creek) was a part, and the period of time when I did pretty well. The title comes from the name of a well known fly-fishing river in Idaho where I was spending a fair amount of time in those days, and although this painting itself contains no literal references to water or fishing, it is obviously a very fluid, “aqueous” picture in multiple ways: the paint is running and “wet”, and the images themselves appear to be floating and impermanent, as if they were formless, like reflections in a lake (although they are obviously not upside down). Although I was less aware of that then, the experience of being in and around water influenced my work a lot at the time by providing an inventive vehicle for me as an artist, a visual metaphor (the visual world as a series of reflections) by which to describe images in less than literal ways. So this dream-like painting was, for me, an effort to step away from literal depiction towards a more personal, evocative and emotional description of the experience of landscape. Although my work has changed a number of times over the years, that effort to describe the world in a personal, and, hopefully artistically inventive ways has remained a consistent goal.”