Adelie Landis-Bischoff

Adelie Landis-Bischoff was raised in Brooklyn. She studied with Elmer Bischoff, David Park and Hassel Smith at the California School of Fine Arts in 1951 and 1952. The following year she studied with Smith at his Potrero Hill/Mission Street school. She received her MFA from the University of California, Berkeley in 1959. In 1962 she married Elmer Bischoff.

Adelie Landis was one of the pioneer painters of the San Francisco Abstract Expressionist movement. A student of Hassle Smith, Landis’ light was different, more spiritual. Her work is reminiscent of Corbett, and yet stylistically Landis has her own sense of expression.

Her early Abstract Expressionist work is some of the best from the period and she was active early in the Beat era, showing at the King Ubu Gallery. Soon, though, she moved from Abstract Expressionism to the Bay Area Figurative Style.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1945-1975 King Ubu Gallery, San Francisco

1953; Lucien Labaudt Gallery, San Francisco,

1955; University Art Museum, Berkeley, 1963

Selected Group Exhibitions


San Francisco Museum of Art,1953-1954

Richmond Art center, California, 1954,1960,1964 Lucien Labaudt Gallery, San Francisco,

1955 action 1, Merry-Go-Round Building, Santa Monica pier, California,

1955; Berkeley Gallery, California,

1963: Oakland Art Festival,

1964: Benicia Art Show, California,

1966: Artists’ Cooperative Gallery, Berkeley,

1973: introduction ’75, Charles Campbell Gallery San Francisco, 1975.